La soffitta del tempo perduto...

....è là , nella mente e nel sogno, dove è possibile recuperare le speranze e le aspettative, dove volere è potere e tutto diviene possibile, dove la fantasia e la creatività non vengono strangolate dai ritmi di una vita frenetica ed il tempo scorre lentamente, dove la mente vola libera senza restrizioni, dove finalmente si è liberi di essere e ci si può rifugiare e prendere un respiro.

The attic of the lost there, in the mind and dreams, where is possible to recover the hopes and the expectations, where what you want is what you can and everything becomes possible, where fantasy and creativity are not strangled from the rhythms of a phrenetic life and time flows slowly, where the mind flyes free with no restrictions, where finally one is free of being and can refuge in and take a breath.

The Pomegranate - PDF instructions available

The Pomegranate - PDF instructions available

mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

This and that..

Not a lot made in the last days, I'm spending most of my free time researching about historical stitches and materials used, having lost a lot of time reading and testing uncorrect istructions referred to detached buttonhole/ trellis needlelace that were given for historical reproduction but where in reality modern versions of those stitches and not the original ones.

As possible will post about this with a little polemic....

By now, here is the Tudor rose mounted i the lid box, the Parrot progress and my new,larger, stitching tools case.

Also an idea for a thread waxer made with a real mother of pearl shell container; I did it when I could not achieve a autentic vintage one, have you seen those lovely ivory carved or mother of pearls one ?? love them, but unlucky in auctions, so this works fine too and is unexpensive.

The shell is one used for making bijoux bought in a little market, just fuse the beeswax in, clean a little and is done !

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  1. Wow, beautiful! Such eye candy! Love your Tudor Rose box. Loove that parrot! And great case too!

  2. You do beautiful needlework! Clever idea to mount the tudor rose in that little box, and I always love parrots! Also, the beeswax idea is inspired!

  3. I've spent days trying to guide a friend to Trellis stitch sources - although I haven't mastered it myself. I fought with it a couple of years ago, and it won.
    I'm sure people, including my friend and I, would be *fascinated* by your finding on the accuracy of the historical instructions for DBS/Trellis.
    Also, could you post me your needlework holder? I need it (kidding - giggle). Great assortment of tools! My awls live pointdown in a little box atm, with corks on the tips.
    Could you tell us more about what looks like the wax impression of that beautiful (mother of pearl?) thread holder? What are you going to do with it?

  4. Megan,sorry for answering so late but we had an INCREDIBLE snow here and I could reach my PC in office just today.
    About historical DBS/Trellis, I have found the correct instructions in the book Sweet Bags by Jacqui Carey and as possible,I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow, I will post a comparation between modern and old version, but seems me you have the book so nothing new.
    About the tools case, I have made it myself using cartonnage tecnique, the tools where bought here and there.
    I did also the awl tool using for the handle a cutted bobbin lace tool, making a little hole and inserting the metal point of a little awl that I hve in my store that is used in fine arts.
    The waxer is a concaved butterfly shaped mother of pearl shell, just filled with fused beeswax.
    I made it because I liked the shape and the idea to attach it in the tool case,I was always loosing it! I'm going to use it in the traditional way, to wax threads.

  5. That is SO clever with the beeswax butterfly!!!
    Yes, I have Jacqui Carey, but I'll be turning to Yvette Stanton's Left Handed Embroiderer's Companion, being an LH'er.
    You sound handy, being able to make an awl like that!
    Any comments re versions of different historical DBS/Trellis stitch instructions would still be most interesting, even if you have found 'the ultimate' correct version in Carey.....

  6. Hello - I just found your blog for the first time. I have to tell you, I love the Tudor Rose. It's beautiful!