La soffitta del tempo perduto...

....è là , nella mente e nel sogno, dove è possibile recuperare le speranze e le aspettative, dove volere è potere e tutto diviene possibile, dove la fantasia e la creatività non vengono strangolate dai ritmi di una vita frenetica ed il tempo scorre lentamente, dove la mente vola libera senza restrizioni, dove finalmente si è liberi di essere e ci si può rifugiare e prendere un respiro.

The attic of the lost there, in the mind and dreams, where is possible to recover the hopes and the expectations, where what you want is what you can and everything becomes possible, where fantasy and creativity are not strangled from the rhythms of a phrenetic life and time flows slowly, where the mind flyes free with no restrictions, where finally one is free of being and can refuge in and take a breath.

The Pomegranate - PDF instructions available

The Pomegranate - PDF instructions available

giovedì 1 novembre 2012

The Pomegranate Mirror

 Here is the project that I have announced you and that I have embroidered during the last Spring and Summer time. Was for A Mirror To My Art Needleprint competition.
It is stitched on a dark cream Italian silk Duchesse, using Devere  silk floss and 2% real gold metal threads, including the surrounding three ply twist which is in real gold too.
I decided to go with real gold threads as I have given to this project a certain importance as was for the competition.
On the back of the work there is an old look mirror, mounted with the same surrounding silk gimp and fine gold twist you can see in the front.
The most difficult thing on this embroidery was working in such a small space as the whole project is not wider than 10 cm so everything needed to be in scale and also the shading effect is not easy to achieve when the size is so small.
The raised part of The Pomegranate is worked in raised stem stitch over string padding, the centre in laid silk threads and Elizabethan Twist, the outer part of the fruit, leafs and petals in long and short stitch shading and the central part of the flowers is made covering the padding with couched Elizabethan twist.
You can also see the hand drawings in shaded pencils and watercolour made to explain the project, stitches and materials; this work was inspired to the Tudor Era and also  the front writing title is hand made in the style of the period also if not perfectly.
I have worked on this piece for dozen of hours and the final cost for all the materials and shipping was a little investment.

The embroidery has winned  the third prize together with the work of another Lady.

A special THANKS goes to my dear friend Megan Hodges that so many of you knows on the Net as Elmsley Rose, for her support and encouragement.

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  1. This embroidery is stunningly beautiful!

  2. Sono una delle finaliste. Ero convinta che avresti vinto tu! E' bellissimo! Sei troppo brava!

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  4. il 17 e 18 (niente al tuo confronto)

  5. Volevo dirti che anche tutte le mie amiche avevano messo il tuo lavoro al 1° posto!

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  6. E' veramente bellissimo! Complimenti!

  7. Both the design and the embroidery are beautiful. This was one of my favourite mirrors in the competition. Congratulates on your joint third place.

  8. Complimenti Francesca, il tuo ricamo è davvero splendido!

  9. This is absolutely GORGEOUS, Francesca!!!

  10. It looks fabolous! A wonderful piece of embroidered art

  11. Congratulations for winning this price. Your mirror was my favorite ! This embroidery is really delicate and well done.

  12. un lavoro veramente stupendo,complimenti vivissimi.

  13. Un lavoro romantico e simbolico fatto con maestria e gusto.

  14. Ok, how did I miss this? Wow!!!!! So beautiful! congratulations on the prize -- well deserved!

  15. Congratulations on winning 3rd place. Should have been first - I like your much better than the winner's! Even your instructions are beautiful!

    I know you've been working really hard this last year on expanding your embroidering skills. I just wanted to tell you that it shows!

    Great job!

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